Business Analytics For Strategic Decisions

Discover strategies and frameworks for decision making with data. Programming Knowledge is not required.

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2 months, online
4-6 hours per week

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Course Fee

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What will this Programme do for you?

Following successful completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Identify strategic, managerial, and/or organisational problems related to analytics
  • Articulate a plan for generating organisational value through improved analytical maturity
  • Determine accuracy metrics and factors that are vital to predicting specific business outcomes
  • Evaluate the current data protection infrastructure of your organisation
  • Recognise factors that could compromise your organisation’s data integrity or model transparency

Programme Modules

    • Identify strategic, managerial, and/or organisational problems related to analytics in your organisation or industry
    • Assess your organisation’s level of data analytical maturity
    • Articulate a plan for generating organisational value through improved analytical maturity
    • Identify high-value data analytics problems and use cases with your organization
    • Leverage existing and yet untapped data sources for your organisation
    • Evaluate your organisation’s data quality
    • Identify data summaries and visualizations relevant to your organizational needs and/or analytics goals
    • Identify factors that are important to consider in predicting a given business outcome
    • Identify the best analytical model to utilize for a given set of key outcomes and predictors
    • Evaluate most suitable accuracy metrics for your predictive analytics models
    • Specify ways to improve the accuracy of a model predicting a given business outcome
    • Evaluate organizational needs for data science personnel and data analytics infrastructure
    Includes a Predictive Analytics Lab, where the faculty will walk participants through how to use an automated machine learning platform called DataRobot on a loan dataset
    • Articulate differences between causal and predictive analytics
    • Identify causal analytics problems relevant to your organisation
    • Identify suitable cause and effect variables as well as confounding factors that could bias results
    • Learn about key models and methods to infer causal relationships among key business predictors and outcomes
    • Identify pertinent AI risks for your organisation and regulations in your industry sector relevant to these risks
    • Evaluate the current data protection infrastructure of your organisation
    • Identify factors that could compromise your organisation’s data integrity or model transparency
*This programme will be delivered via recorded video lectures by faculty.

Programme Faculty

Jussi Keppo

Faculty at NUS Business School

Associate Professor Keppo teaches risk management and analytics courses, and directs analytics executive education programmes at NUS Business School. He is also Research Director of the Institute of Operations Research and Analytics at NUS. Previously, he taught at the University of Michigan... More info

Prasanta Bhattacharya

Faculty at NUS Business School

Prasanta is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Department of Analytics and Operations (NUS Business School). He holds a PhD in Information Systems from the Department of Information Systems and Analytics, National University of Singapore, where he studied computational social science... More info

Programme Learning Journey

Video Lectures

Video Lectures

Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards





Crowd-Sourced Activities

Crowd-Sourced Activities



Why Enrol for the Business Analytics for Strategic Decisions Programme?

Big data technologies continue to innovate how business is done. From booming tech start-ups like Grab and Ninja Van to top e-commerce players Lazada and Shopee, data analytics is being used across industries to supercharge efficiency, improve personalisation, and streamline operations.

In this Business Analytics for Strategic Decisions programme delivered by NUS Business School, you can develop the tools you need to leverage your organisation’s most valuable data. Whether you’re a CEO, business manager or director, enhancing your analytics capabilities is essential to driving strategic decision-making and gaining a competitive edge.

With modules focused on the predictive models used for business forecasting, the ins and outs of causal analytics, and the privacy and security of datasets, you will be exposed to big data applications, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, and real-world case studies in this two-month business analytics programme.

Who is this Programme for?

This online program is ideal for professionals who want to leverage analytics to accelerate business growth.

Participants will learn how to effectively work with data/data scientists to identify business problems where analytics can add value.

The representative roles for this course may include:

  • Mid-level to Senior Level Professionals across Functions such as Finance, Marketing, Operations, Strategy etc. who want to understand ways to leverage data for deriving insights/better decision making.
  • Analysts and Consultants who want to understand how they can align their work with business objectives and support management in achieving better business outcomes.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who aim to grow their businesses through effective data analytics.
  • Data Practitioners who are professionals working/aspiring to work in Business Analytics or Data Science who want to improve their skillset and accelerate their career.

The programme requires no formal education in data or analytics; Participants don't need to have any technical knowledge to benefit from this programme.



Upon successful completion of the Programme, participants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by NUS Business School.

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Programme Testimonials

Hazman Hafiz

"Complex concepts are explained in a simpler way and interviews with the industry practitioners were insightful."

— Hazman Hafiz, Manager, Malaysian Aviation Commission

Eustaquio Santimano

"I find the complete programme fantastic as this topic is totally new to me. For me this has been a good learning journey."

— Eustaquio Santimano, Digital Project Manager, Sodexo

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